About Us

The ‚MieterInnen-Initiative‘ is an independent tenants organization based in Vienna, Austria. We are providing information and support for tenants in all questions regarding rent and rental law. Moreover, we stand for a politically independent housing rights agenda – defending tenants rights against the landlords –  doesnt matter whether they are private,  or non profit/public.

Free tenants consulting – how to reach us:

You can reach us by sending us an email or call us on Mondays 3 to 6 pm, or Wednesdays from 2 to 6 pm (01/ 319 44 86). In case you can’t reach us, leave your number, and we will call back asap. If you already have an appointment, make sure to bring along all necessary documents, especially rental agreement („Mietvertrag„) and relevant letters from  owner / administration!

Our principles – solidarity and sharing knowledge:

We support tenants free of charge, according to our self-hep-approach, but we are happy if you can donate a modest sum or, even better, join our association as contributing and/or active member. We call for tenants to join us in our activities:  activism in housing politics, spreading information on housing policy and law to  other tenants. Sharing knowledge and solidarity are the key principles of our work: Help yourself, help your neighbors, community and friends!

Updated information (in German): http://www.facebook.com/mieter.innen